April 13, 2018 - Issue #6

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In the past few weeks, we celebrated our first big milestone with respect to new bridge construction - all under water work is now complete!  To those of you who are watching progress, either by driving across the current bridge or via the live web cam, we will still be working from barges to complete the rest of the piers that you can see above water.  Considering that work was over the winter, we continue to be on schedule and look forward to a very productive construction season in 2018.
We also want to thank Missouri Highways and Transportation Commissioner John Briscoe, our Illinois Department of Transportation colleagues, and Missouri and Illinois legislators for taking the time to let us "brag" a little about the project.  We enjoyed taking them on a barge tour of construction in the Mississippi River and appreciated their questions and their support.

Guests Get On the Water for

Tour of Construction

Legislators, representatives from IDOT and the media were invited to tour the construction site via barge last month to get an update on construction.  "We were extremely pleased with their interest, and we're always proud to show off our crews and the work they have been doing over the winter," explained T.J. Colombatto, project manager of the Champ Clark Bridge.  He is pictured below explaining some of the details of the construction.
resized TJ with guests on barge
resized Sarah Bryan Lynsey
Sarah Graff from U.S. Senator Roy Blunt's office, Bryan Nichols from U.S. Congressman Sam Graves' office, and Lynsey Whitaker with KHQA TV enjoyed the tour and update.

 resized Bridge Approach IL abutment

This picture was taken mid-March of crews working on the fill and the approach on the Illinois side of the bridge.  "The settlement period on the Illinois fill is complete and work to raise the embankment to its final elevation has begun," said MoDOT Resident Engineer Brandi Baldwin, P.E., about the current progress.  She said hopefully by the end of next week the embankment will be at its final elevation and the grading crew can move to Missouri to begin work on the retaining wall area. 

resized strut with rebarMany of the photos in the newsletter, such as this one, are taken with Massman Construction Company's drone.  Can you guess what it is?  It's actually Pier 4 in the making!  You are looking down inside the strut, at the form, all of the rebar, cooling tubes, and therman control devices. For you technical readers,  here is a bit more information as explained by MoDOT Resident Engineer Brandi Baldwin, P.E.  All of the pours above the water (struts, columns, and caps) for the river structures are considered mass pours (a lot of concrete in a large block basically) requiring thermal control (control of the heat of the structure to prevent cracking and other quality issues). The cooling tubes pump river water through the concrete to keep it from getting too hot. The thermal control devices take readings of the concrete to let us know how hot it is, if we need to make adjustments to the flow of the water through the concrete, and let us know when we are complete with the thermal control period. The wooden area around the rebar is about 3 feet wide and is just a platform for workers to stand safely. It is hard to tell from this shot, but the strut is 10 feet deep and the circle of rebar is about 11 foot in diameter.

Next Project Update for History Buffs

resized Karen Daniels SS 16Karen Daniels, senior historic preservation specialist with MoDOT, is teaming up with local historian Brent Engel to share information about the construction of the 1928 Champ Clark Bridge and history of the area.  

resized brent engelRepresentatives from Massman Construction also will share an update on progress on the new bridge.  The project update will be held Saturday, April 28 at 10 a.m. at the project village, 120 S. Water Street, Louisiana.

Saturday CC Bridge Update

Public Invited to the Monthly Progress Meeting

Saturday, April 28

10 a.m. at the Project Village

120 S. Water Street in Louisiana

speakerSpeakers Available

Looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, meeting or for your employees?  MoDOT and the Champ Clark Bridge team are available to share with you the latest progress on construction, as well as other transportation improvements being made in the area.  Give us a call at 573-248-2502 if you would like to schedule a professional.

Did you know?

cassionThis photo shows the preparation for the building of the Champ Clark Bridge in 1926-1927. A bridge caisson is being constructed atop a metal base on a barge before placement.

resized Photo JoeMeet Photo Joe! 

Many of the construction pictures you see are being taken by one of our engineers, Construction Inspector Joe Smith.  Joe works on the project every day and has a flair for getting "cool" shots.  Thank you, Joe, for all your hard work!


For all pictures of work, go to MoDOT Northeast District's Flickr site.  

The web cam can be found under the Construction tab of this site.