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The Champ Clark Bridge, built in 1928, is part of the U.S. Route 54 corridor and spans the Mississippi River connecting Louisiana, Missouri with the state of Illinois.

Second Implosion Planned for the Champ Clark Bridge

MACON – Demolition continues on the old Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana. The first implosion to demolish two spans of the old bridge took place in October. Since then span 1 over the railroad tracks has been removed.  Now plans are in place for the second implosion to drop the remaining two truss spans, #4 & #5, on the Illinois side. 

This pair of truss spans is scheduled to be dropped into the Mississippi River Monday, Nov. 18 between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.  “As we experienced with the first demolition event, the timing of the blast can be delayed. Massman Construction will do its best to have the blast occur within the scheduled window of time. However, ensuring the safety of everyone involved is their number one priority, so a delay may be possible,” stated Missouri Department of Transportation Project Director Keith Killen.

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Span Over Railroad Tracks to Be Dismantled on Old Champ Clark Bridge

HANNIBAL – The next step in the removal of the old Champ Clark Bridge is to begin dismantling the first span over the railroad tracks on the Missouri side.  “We are awaiting all the necessary approvals to implode the Illinois side spans, and in order to keep progressing with the removal, we will work on this span next,” explained Missouri Department of Transportation Project Director Keith Killen.  The work is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, Wednesday, November 6 and Monday, November 11, weather permitting.

The truss of the bridge span will be removed in segments.  “Our contractor will cut sections of the old bridge, then use a barge mounted crane to place the sections on a barge,” Killen explained.  The lane restrictions are necessary to allow crews to access the cut points on the old truss.

“There are three segments being removed that will require the lane restrictions, but when we get to the final segment, we will actually have to stop traffic for up to an hour because of the size of the segment,” Killen noted.  He added that because the size of that segment, it is safest for the traveling public to not be on the new bridge. The one-hour closure is tentatively scheduled for Monday, November 11, a time is to be determined.

Killen stressed the work could be delayed due to weather, especially wind.  Updates will be provided as work progresses.

Information will be distsributed as soon as the date is known for the demolition of the last two spans.